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Suha ErsozIn 1979, after graduating from law school in Ankara, I came to Cappadocia and volunteered to work in the government Tourism Information Office for three months in the summer. I was 25 years old then.

Working in the office, I enjoyed meeting travelers from all over the world and helping them with information to enjoy their trips in Cappadocia and Turkey. I left Cappadocia at the end of the summer, but I never forgot its beauties and the pleasure of helping travelers.

In 1987 I returned to Cappadocia and decided to buy and restore an abandoned cave house in Ürgüp’s Esbelli neighborhood, noted for the beautiful architecture and the durability of its local stone.

It was difficult: I knew nothing about restoring a cut-stone/cave house in Cappadocia, and there were few expert stonemasons at that time. I learned by trial-and-error, persevered, and finally, after three long years, I had finished the first authentically-restored Cappadocian house in the area.

I opened Esbelli Evi (Esbelli House) in 1990 with five guest rooms in caves, an arched cut-stone sitting room, and a breakfast room. Travelers began to arrive. They enjoyed our kind of simple but careful, thoughtful hospitality. They told their friends about Esbelli Evi. Travel writers heard about it and wrote descriptions in newspapers, magazines and guidebooks.

As I was able, I bought neighboring house ruins and restored them, slowly, carefully, one by one. It was important to respect the architecture and history of these old Ürgüp houses, and to preserve as much as possible their beauty and character, while equipping them with the comforts and services that travelers expect.

Today Esbelli Evi has 10 spacious suites and four standard guest rooms, some in caves and some traditional arched rooms of cut stone, as well as several pleasant stone terraces with sweeping views of the Cappadocian countryside and the town of Ürgüp. Our guests come from around the world, many of them having heard of Esbelli Evi from friends.

Suha Ersoz


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